Gabrielle Paciorek // Cinematographer




Hi. I’m Gabrielle Paciorek, an Emmy Award winning cinematographer.

I shot my first short fillm at 15— stop motion on VHS. It was a disaster. Undeterred, I moved from Massachusetts to California to study graphic design and film production at San Diego State University. 

I originally wanted to be an editor. There was something magical about piecing together shots to tell a story. After editing a few poorly shot student films, a career in editing seemed less magical. I was on set one day when it dawned on me - the writing could be terrible, the acting atrocious, the directing non-existent, the production in shambles - but none of that mattered. I loved cinematography.

As a documentary cinematographer, I’ve worked with cancer and open heart surgery patients, ER doctors and nurses, and stroke and brain tumor survivors to tell their stories of trauma, recovery, and hope at Sharp Hospital. My cinematography work for Sharp has earned me four Emmy Awards.

On the commercial side, I’ve shot cars, VFX, actors underwater, ducks, mice, explosions, and more on projects for Aflac, The GRAMMYs, Nissan, Dodge, Postal Annex, and SDG&E.

I currently live in Los Angeles where I write music, brew beer, and tinker with lenses while on the lookout for my next project.