Gabrielle Paciorek // Cinematographer



equipment for rent

Over the years, I've collected tools that make working on set quicker, easier, more efficient, and last but not least more fun. With the artistic quality of the finished project in mind, I've put together equipment packages for many creative scenarios. Here are the highlights. Please inquire for more details.



  • RED Dragon Camera Package

  • RTMotion Remote Follow Focus Kit

  • Vintage Canon Prime Lens Set

  • P+S Technik Zeiss Prime Lens Set

  • SmallHD 1703HDR 17" Director's Monitor

  • Paralinx Arrow Wireless Video Kit

  • Miller Arrow 40 Tripod

  • Cinevate Duzi 4 32" Slider

  • Movi M10 (Requires Operator)

  • Steadicam Scout (Requires Operator)

  • A7SII w/ Sony 24-70mm



  • KinoFlo Select 30

  • Mole Richardson VariBaby LED Fresnel

  • Hive Wasp 100-C Three Light Kit w/ Beauty Dish & Source Four Attachments

  • S2 Lite Mat 2 Kit

  • Digital Sputnik Voyager 4' & 2'



  • C-Stands

  • Flags

  • Silks

  • Apple Boxes

  • Sand Bags

  • Expendables